Transform your home into a work of art

In general, the murals I create  are a combination of architectural trompe l’oeil, delicate stencils and hand-painting techniques.


“When a client has a mural in mind, many factors must be taken into consideration – scale, location, how it will tie in with other existing decoration, whether it has to be worked around furniture, fixtures and fillings, susceptibility to damage in its location, and so on.

“Once an idea has been put forward by a client, and all these factors have been discussed, I measure and draw the space, do preliminary rough sketches and at this point, an idea of cost can be given. Subject to approval, I then tighten up the drawings with colour.

“Once this has been approved, I create several sample boards of partial images in full size, so that the client can see exactly how sections of the mural will work. We work through and resolve any problems before commencing work, so that the client feels totally confident.”